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Work Experience Blog: Zoe Millar


My name is Zoe, I'm working at Arusha Gallery for a week as part of my work experience as I want to study at Art College when I leave school. At the moment, I'm studying product design and expressive arts and I feel priveladged and extremely lucky to be able to come here for work experience.

I've written about two of the gallery's artists who really inspired me.

Alicia Savage is a self-portrait photographer based in Boston. In her photography, she explores her own interests and curiosities which has, over time, changed her style and concept. In the ongoing series by Alicia Savage; 'Destinations', she travelled around independantly and explored wherever the wind took her, which was usually anywhere unique or have sentimental meaning to her. Her inner curiosity led her to find the inspiration for this series. She conceals her face in her photography, so people can understand and interperet the series using their own experiences and journey's. Alicia prefers to be photographed by herself as when other photographers are behind the camera she doesnt feel as comfortable.

In-betweeness is a series of photographs by Carolina Mizrahi which features young boys photoshopped onto women's legs, wearing high heels, girls clothes and make up. The boys look strangely elegant and classy and it also breaks boundaries and disagrees with the rule that society enforced that boys have to wear 'boys' clothes and girls have to wear 'girls' clothes. In each photo of the series, there is one colour repeated in the clothes and the backgrounds which makes it more luxurious and classic. It gives the saying "Boys will be boys" a new meaning. 

It's been great having the lovley Zoe working with us this week and we wish her all the best in her future career in the arts! 

You can see Alicia Savage's work in her exhibition 'Destinations' which is currently showing in the gallery until July 25th. Carolina Mizrahi's work will be shown as part of our upcoming show 'Second Self' which opens on the 28th July.

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