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JULY 3RD - 31ST 2015

Arusha Gallery are delighted to present TIMELINES, an exhibition of large scale paintings by Edinburgh based artist, Trina Bohan. The exhibition will consist of a body of new skyscapes set against the lochs and seas of Scotland. These dramatic works are full of atmosphere as they depict the fleeting moments of shifting light and clearing mists in the rich and powerful Scottish landscape.

Originally from New Zealand, talented artist Trina Bohan utilises oils to capture the dramatic and transitory dialogue between land and skyscapes to powerful effect within her Edinburgh-based studio. Trina

often works outdoors to produce sketches of anything she sees that captures the constant shifting of light over the landscapes of the Scottish mainland, coastline and islands. These are then worked up in her studio and used to provide a visual from which her large-scale canvases take shape.

These stunning, images of her work showcase Trina's talents as a painter, and allow the viewer a lasting glimpse into an unforgettable moment in nature; vividly rendered and profoundly expressive.

Trina also works on figurative pieces, having developed a keen interest in portraiture while in Bangladesh and is something she takes great pleasure in exploring alongside her enduring landscapes. Figurative drawing and painting groups are also offered and open to all from within her studio.

Having studied In Christchurch New Zealand, and armed with a diploma in Graphic Design, Trina has already exhibited extensively; her work can be found in collections across the globe, from here in the UK, to the USA, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.