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Kate Walters - The mute, the hidden & the mysterious

August 8th - 31st

Private View August 8th 6-9pm

Presenting a new body of work and exhibiting in Scotland for the first time, The Mute, The Hidden and the Mysterious showcases Kate Walter's renowned talent for capturing the intimate relationships between humans and nature. The exhibition will consist of a new collection of her works in watercolours, oils, monotypes and drawings. 


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Walter's work evokes an intuitive response and often reminds us of 'primitive' art through imagery which depicts animals and figures, often the female subject, co-existing amongst dark reds, browns and sanguine, womb-like backgrounds. Concerned with aspects of the feminine identity, the maternal and the relationships between domesticity, nature and wilderness, Kate's work explores that which is unspoken to create pieces which convey a powerful beauty.

"I make work about what is generated by the principle of absense, and the matrixial (or psycic event encountering). I am interested in how the subtle tracks of certain fugitive phenomena find form as I work. I employ watercolour, gum arabic and oil on gesso-prepared surfaces.

My principal sources of inspiration are early Renaissance altarpieces in Italy and the South Tyrol; wilderness poetry, walking and spending time in wild mountainous places; encounters with animals, wild and domesticated; sacred music and opera, and the illuminations my dreams provide.

The way the feminine (in it's broadest sense) is regarded in our culture at this time is also fundemental in my work, relating to the principle of generative absense and also to qualities we might associate with the feminine. One of the drawings in this show was finished on the day that a young pregnant woman was stoned to death by her family. Recent anthropological studies demonstrate that where there is a high incidence of abuse against women in a culture, there tends to be a disregarding of the natural environment. The Native Americans have a saying 'everything is born of woman'. They also say 'when the Deer comes there is truth'.



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