German born John Franzen grew up in Belgium and went on to study his BA Fine Arts at the Kunstakademie in Maastricht, The Netherlands where he continues to live and work. His experience working as a woodcutter and nature-pedagogue has influenced his practice as an artist, and his current technique is often linked with the patterns, repetitions and meditation found in nature. 

Franzen tends to produce work in series, often challenging himself and allowing the process of making and producing a piece to become as important as the work itself. 'An artist in his true nature is made of incomprehensible multitudes; he is the untidy culmination of a shaman who is not believing but praying, a scientist who is not searching but analyzing, an engineer who is not building but inventing, and a child who is not playing but dreaming. He exists in the paradoxical state of attempting to capture his own vast inner perceptions of reality in the confines of the outer world. His artwork is mystical ritual, scientific model and applied philosophy.

John Franzen's work has been exhiibted internationally with recent exhibitions in Hong Kong, Antwerp, Paris, Berlin and The International Artist Award in Dubai.

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