Gail Harvey

Shetland based painter, Gail Harvey's use of dramatic brush strokes and bold colours has earned her expressive works global recognition and ever-increasing popularity both at home and abroad.

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Gail's paintings are a testament to the beauty of the remote landscape from which she works and are filled with a sense of mystery and uncertainty; enabling a powerful and emotional response from the viewer as they gaze into the depths of these large, invigorating works.

From small water based paintings created outside, to the large, oil-based canvases rendered in her studio, Gail aims to replicate the energy and changing sense of light, space and movement found in the coastal landscapes she uses as her inspiration.

A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art in the 1970s, Gail Harvey has been living and working in Shetland since 1988. She has exhibited her work extensively in the UK over the past twenty years, including group and solo shows in Glasgow, Shetland, Edinburgh, Bath and Cork Street, London.

In 2013, Arusha Art Gallery presented an exclusive exhibition of Gail Harvey's work. The show at our Edinburgh West End Gallery was extremely well attended and was a true treatment to her popularity. Her work has also been exhibited at the Royal Academy London, the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts.

She has been awarded numerous scholarships and awards for her paintings, most recently the Visual Arts Bursary Award (Shetland Arts & Creative Scotland), and was the winner of best painting at the 2012 Shetland Open. Gail's work is held in multiple private and public collections throughout the UK and Internationally.

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